The SL-200 Sleever is the Perfect Machine for applying shrink-to-fit labels, tamper evident banding, and sleeve seals.


Automatic Shrink Labeler


One (1)            Generic Manufacturing Model SL-200 Fully Automatic large Shrink Labeler designed for high speed Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Tamper Evident Banding applications up to 200 containers per minute (cpm) dependent on package size, shape and film composition. Built on a Stainless Steel frame complete with Start/Stop controls, Keyed Run/Jog Switch, Lock Out/Tag Out type main disconnect, electrical Safety Interlocked Guarding, and one Complete Set of Tooling.


Construction:   Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum construction. Polycarbonate Enclosure with Heavy Duty adjustable height Stainless Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Covers, Timing Screw Drive, Splicing Table and Motorized Unwind Reel.


Guarding:         Complete polycarbonate enclosure with positive electrical interlocks.


Electrical:         110 0r 240 volt, single phase, 50/60 hertz construction, AC Motors with variable controls, control cabinet with start/stop and speed control knobs, disconnect with lock-out and two emergency “E” stop.

Pneumatics:     Filtered air @ 70 psi, 3.5 cfm


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  • Safety Interlocks
  • Electrical Lock Out/Tag Out
  • AC Motors Drives
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • PLC Control
  • Upstream Photo Eyes
  • Material Out Sensor
  • Film Feed Jam Sensor
  • Ridged Frame
  • Stainless Steel Covers
  • Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Tool-Less Changeover
  • Timing Screw Drive
  • One (1) Set of Change Parts
  • Motorized Unwind Reel
  • Scales for repeatability
  • Optional components
  • Mandrel change part
  • Vertical / horizontal perforations
  • Screw feed


Industry Types Served:

Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Industrial, Consumer Products, Food, Produce, Health & Beauty Aids, Household Goods, Neutraceutical, and Pharmaceutical

Optional components

  • Mandrel change part
  • Vertical / horizontal perforations
  • Screw feed