The Generic Manufacturing Jewel Labeler is designed to be simple, user friendly, quick, and efficient. Everything you would want to keep your packaging line running smoothly.


The Jewel is a labeling system which can apply spot or wrap-around pressure sensitive labels. The Design allows easy adjustment for multi-size containers and can accommodate labels up to 7” in height.

Construction:      All stainless steel construction with UHMW plastic guides and rails. The PLC controller is used to adjust the timing; label spacing and variable speed control for wrap belt, bottle-feed, labeling and conveyor. The conveyor is 6.5” (166mm) wide by 120” (3.1m) in length with variable speed control. Conveyor and wrap station is equipped with adjustable side rails for handling round, square, oval, tapered, flat and other custom shaped containers in glass or plastic.

Features:           · Labeling Head: Web height: 7’ (128mm)

Label Roll Diameter: up to 14” (314 mm)

Accuracy: +/- 1/32” (1mm)

Drive: Variable Speed Stepper Motors

Dispensing Speed: 4000” (100m) per minute

  • Separate on/off for each web allows front labeling, back labeling or both.
  • Hold-down conveyor length: 26”
  • Label and Product Scanners: These photo sensors are located just above the labels and on the conveyor. The label sensor provides stop control and positive placement of label; the product sensor provides the “Sequence Start” signal.

Requirements:    220 VAC/Single Phase/ 50-60 Hz (3 phase optional )

Container size:    1oz to 1 gallon as equipped

Container width: Up to 6.5” (147.6mm)

Container height: up to 12.5” (321mm)

Operation:          This machine is a pressure sensitive direct apply labeler using a conveyor system with top hold-down belt and PLC controls. Automatic sequencing is provided to peel the label from its backing strip and transfer it to an exact position on a grid belt where it is held by a vacuum. When product is in position in front of the grid belt, the label transfers from the grid belt to the product Containers are fed by conveyor belt. Sensor and tilt adjustments can be made while the machine is running.

System length:    120” (3.1m)

System width:    72” (1.8m)

System height:    60” (1.54m)

Freight Dimensions:    Palletized – 6’width x10’ length x 5’ height

Approximate net shipping weight: 1000 lbs (454kg) dependent upon system configuration

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