Generic Manufacturing Corporation’s fillers are available for both wet or dry products. We offer fillers with a single head, multi-stage, inline, and rotary. Our fillers are in currently in use in several fortune 500 company’s manufacturing plants, and designed with longevity in mind.

Whether you have a standard or unique application, we can provide the proper filling machine to meet your requirements.


Our Multi-Stage Series Fillers are designed for fast and fully automatic production, while still retaining the ability to fill on a wide variety of liquid products.

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Our 15 head Posi-Flow Piston Filler is a simple and efficient machine for managing several containers within the same cycle. Perfect for filling those extra thick products.

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Our budget friendly Single Head Piston Fillers are made to handle even the thickest products, while still providing the same USA quality you would expect from our Multi-Stage line.

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